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Heady Glass

Heady Glass is a term used to describe high-quality artistic glass blown by a skilled artist. These pipes and bongs are one-of-a-kind pieces that aren’t mass produced like a lot of glass you’ll find in your local dispensary or smoke shop.

Headies are a great choice for smokers looking to elevate their smoking experience through beautiful design and dazzling colors. The art of creating heady glass pipes is a highly specialized and skilled craft that requires extensive training and years of practice.

Pipes are made with a variety of materials and techniques including:

Glass Blowing Process Explained
A high-quality heady glass piece can take days or weeks to complete. This is due to the skill required to shape a glass piece into its final form and then apply color to it.

Artists use a combination of powders, bars and frits to add color to their heady glass pipes. They can also do vac stacking, crucible pulled color and other processes to create exotic and rare colors not commonly available on the market.

Design Options
Many heady glass pieces are made to be outlandishly unique, such as racecars, submarines and giant skulls! If you’re an artist or just love the idea of owning a piece that tells your story, heady glass is the way to go.

Heady Glass Price Ranges
The cost of heady glass varies significantly, depending on the design and artist. While a low-end piece may cost less than a few hundred dollars, an intricate piece from a renowned glass artist can easily fetch thousands of dollars.

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